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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 KNIGHTSBRIDGE Code Model EMEXIT 3-hour LED Adjustable ceiling or wall mountable exit sign EMLSUS 3-hour LED Cable suspended exit sign EMRUN 3-hour LED Illuminated box exit sign EMSWING 3-hour LED Suspended exit sign Ceiling mounted Wall mounted LED Emergency Lighting Code Model EMPOWER 3-hour Emergency LED Downlight EMPOWER2 3-hour Emergency LED Downlight Daylight EMPOWERW2 3-hour Emergency LED Downlight Warm white Code Model EMLED1 6W 3-hour LED Emergency Light IP65 EMLED2A 3W 3-hour LED Emergency Light IP65 (compact size) EMLED4 3W 3-hour LED Emergency Light IP65 EMPOWER EMPOWER2 Dimensions : Ø: 55mm Cut-out Ø: 45mm. Code Model EMTWINIP 3-hour Non-Maintained Emergency Floodlight EMTWINIP Dimensions: H: 301mm W: 280mm P: 90mm Lamp type: 2 x 3W LED Construction: Polycarbonate Emergency Floodlight YEAR WARRANTY 3 YEAR WARRANTY 3 LED Spike & Groundlights Code Model LEDGL3W 3W IP65 Groundlight - 3000K LEDGL3D 3W IP65 Groundlight - 6000K LEDM06B 0.6W IP65 Blue Groundlight LEDM06W 0.6W IP65 White Groundlight - 4000K LEDM07B 1.5W IP65 Blue Groundlight LEDM07W 1.5W IP65 White Groundlight - 4000K LEDM08B1 1.7W IP65 Blue Groundlight LEDM08W1 1.7W IP65 White Groundlight - 4000K Code Model SPIKE5SS 230V IP65 5W LED Stainless Steel Garden/Plant Spike Light SPIKE5AL 230V IP65 5W LED Wall/Spike Spotlight GU10SPIKEBK 230V IP65 GU10 35W max. Powder-coated black garden spike light SPIKEXT1 Ground Spike - Black GUSPBK IP65 GU10 Ground Spike - Black GUSPGR IP65 GU10 Ground Spike - Grey SPIKE5SS GUSPGR GUSPBK SPIKE5AL GU10SPIKEBK SPIKEXT1 *Lamp not included on GU10 options Dimensions : Ø: 42mm Cut-out Ø: 34mm. Min. void: 250mm Lamp type: 3W high output LED. Produces 5 lux at 2.7m Construction: Aluminium body with aluminium, white and black bezels. Cool white LED. Green LED shows when light is in charging mode. Supplied pre-wired. Inverter and battery pack included. For non-maintained use only.